den store præstation

Den Store Præstation

It's not about working more - but perform better Why perform some people, teams and companies consistently better than others? Possessing the unique talent and a unique self-discipline? Do they have better managers and coaches? Do they have a special recipe for others to follow? These are some of the questions we set out to examine in High Performance Institute. We have done nothing in the almost 15 years we have been around, asking ourselves the question: what is a great achievement? Now we have written a book about our experiences, findings and thoughts in order to pass them on to others so they can better understand and create the conditions for "The great achievement." It's not a book or a project about Michael Laudrup, Niels Bohr and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. When we talk about the great performance, we refer not to the unique genius or brilliant. Our focus is performance that can be repeated over time and which does not require unique genes or talents. Instead we found into three key elements, together with high performers in the arts, science, sports and business as the base for the large performance and they are: Perseverance, perfectionism and innovation. In other words; it is about working hard and long after the details and systems and constantly think about new! The latest example of this is the world's best restaurant NOMA. It is our hope that after finishing the book will want to work for several large performance and a higher quality of your everyday life, whether you're a manager, employee, pupil, artist, nurse, athlete, student, or just a man with ambitions of their own and others' behalf. Denmark needs that we all perform better.

"It's a great book!
easy to read, instructive - and really uplifting.
So for readers of the first category., I will not answer for how a second category-person reads it. Perhaps it will exactly be what is causing one of hibernation. "

- Ole Grünbaum, Weekend newspaper

Review from Weekend newspaper