Dr. Poornima Luthra is the author of the book ‘Diversifying Diversity: Your guide to being an active ally of inclusion in the workplace and founder and CEO of TalentED Consultancy ApS as well as a member of the teaching Faculty at the Copenhagen Business School.

She has spent the last fifteen years researching and teaching university courses in the field of talent management, with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion. More recently, Poornima has taken her years of academic experience into the corporate world with the vision of making workplaces more inclusive for all.

Poornima focuses on inspiring shifting mindsets and expanding the areas of diversity we look at through strategy consulting, corporate training, keynote sessions, talks, articles, blog posts and podcasts.

Talks & Workshops


The Art of Active Allyship

7 behaviours to empower you to push the pendulum towards inclusion at work.

What can we do?
When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, it´s a question that comes up time and time again. How can we be more inclusive in our interactions with colleagues? Where can we find  ways the tangible to push the pendulum towards inclusion in our workplaces? How can we nurture an environment where everyone feels safe to bring their whole self to work?

In The Art of Active Allyship, Dr. Poornima Luthra identifies and expounds on the 7 behaviors that will set you on the path towards inclusive workplaces, she paints a picture of everyday active allyship that everyone can use to show up as an active ally not to some – but all.


Making sense of D&I and my role in it

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) have fast become an important strategic priority in many organisations.

Hiring diverse talent and being a diverse organisation are certainly on the minds of many leaders and managers. While diversity is certainly important, inclusion is the key to ensuring that the diverse talent in organisations are valued, respected and appreciated. In fact, it is the climate of inclusion that differentiates organisations that are able to reap the positive financial and non-financial benefits from having a diverse workforce.

In this keynote, participants will develop an understanding of:

  • what diversity really is
  • why we need diversity in organisations
  • the very crucial role that an inclusive culture plays in ensuring that the potential benefits of having a diverse talent are realised
  • the biggest barrier to inclusion – bias.


Becoming an Active Ally of Inclusion

While Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) have become a cornerstone of organisation’s talent management strategy, individuals in organisations are seeking ways to make sense of what D&I mean for them and the teams that they work in, and what they can do to be allies of inclusion.

In this short talk, participants will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the terms ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, focusing on the intersectionality of diversity and the role that plays in inclusion. Through the speaker’s Active Ally of Inclusion (AAI) model, the concept of active allyship will be introduced and tangible actions will be shared through which everyone can move from being a passive ally to an active ally. Using the power of storytelling and facts grounded in research, participants will walk away with an expanded understanding of what diversity and inclusion really encompass, along with a set of actions that they can start adopting to be more inclusive.


Inclusive leadership

For many leaders in today’s organisations, they are seeking tangible ways through which they can move from being a passive ally to an active ally.

Through thoughtful activities, self-reflection exercises, case studies, videos and in-training discussions (subject to agreed duration of the workshop) participants will leave with a deep understanding of the concept of inclusive leadership, and tools for themselves to become truly inclusive leaders who are active allies. The training sessions will be interactive, based on credible research, and where the course trainer strives to create an atmosphere in which participants are able and willing to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns openly and freely.

In this workshop, we begin with an overview of what diversity is, why we need diversity in organisations as well as the very crucial role that an inclusive culture plays in ensuring that the potential benefits of having a diverse talent are realised. With this understanding, participants will move to developing an appreciation for the need for inclusive leadership and what that entails with a focus on understanding the profile of an inclusive leader to help answer the question: Who is an inclusive leader? What kind of traits and behaviours do we see in an inclusive leader? What stands in the way of becoming an inclusive leader?

Participants will then be introduced to the concept of active allyship as a tool for developing inclusive leadership and will work through the ‘Active Ally of Inclusion (AAI) model’ developed by the speaker.




Three tools we can use to enhance our generational intelligence (GQ), minimize micro-aggressions, and be better able to trust each other across the five generations and micro-generations that are present in the workforce today.

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